Learn-2-Play Savage Worlds with Saving Throw – Episode 3

Published On: June 7, 2022Categories: Events, Media, News

Over the past two weeks, the Saving Throw Show team has taught us the basics of Savage Worlds by covering a number of topics including Character Creation, Edges, Hindrances, Gear, and Magic!

Tonight on Twitch, the RPG Exploration Society jumps into the gameplay portion of their five-part Learn-2-Play series to show you how all these pieces work together.

Additionally, they’re giving away a phenomenal Savage Worlds starter set that includes a copy of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, the Deadlands: the Weird West core book, a Deadlands dice tray, Deadlands branded dice, a deck of Princess Bride playing cards, and a set of 10 @WildcardsRPG Bennies!

There are 15 ways to enter this amazing contest, and you have until June 21st to get as many entries in as possible!

Saving Throw is the streaming group behind both Wildcards and Savage 60 Seconds, and the RPG Exploration Society is a five episode Learn-2-Play video series that streams LIVE, Tuesday nights at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific only on Twitch.

Mount up and come along for the ride, pardner!

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