Learn Savage Worlds in 60 Seconds

Published On: August 11, 2020Categories: News


Over the past few months, our good friends with Saving Throw (the folks behind Wildcards) have posted a bunch of extremely helpful and concise tutorials on some of Savage Worlds more unique rules and game mechanics.

With the help of various Wildcards cast members, the Savage 60 Seconds series has already covered The Wild Die, Aces, Wounds, Initiative/Action Cards, and Raises. Most recently, the episodes have delved into Soak Rolls and Support, all in 60 seconds… or less!

If you’re new to Savage Worlds and you’re wondering what it’s all about, or you just need a quick refresher, these bite-size rule blasts are fantastic.

Carve out seven minutes of your time and check out all the Savage 60 Seconds videos over on the Saving Throw YouTube channel right now.

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