Learn to Play Savage Worlds with Saving Throw

Published On: May 24, 2022Categories: Media, News

Pinnacle Entertainment Group has once again teamed up with Saving Throw—the streaming group behind Wildcards and Savage 60 Seconds—to bring you a five episode Learn-2-Play video series for Savage Worlds that premieres LIVE next Tuesday, May 24th at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific on Twitch!

Through the RPG Exploration Society, Veteran Game Master Dom Zook and players Gnomdic, Meghan Caves, Noir Enigma, and Rae take you through character creation, world building, combat, and more.

Thinking of trying Savage Worlds or, maybe Deadlands: the Weird West specifically? Don’t know where to start, or maybe you have a rules question that’s been bugging you? Drop by the chat to ask the cast… LIVE!

Tune in for the premiere of Learn-2-Play Savage Worlds, Tuesday, May 24th, on the SavingThrowShow channel on Twitch!

Mount up and come along for the ride, pardner!

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