Legend of Ghost Mountain for Savage Worlds — Now on GameChanger!

Published On: August 16, 2022Categories: Crowdfunding, News, The Legend of Ghost Mountain

Our GAMECHANGER crowdfunding campaign for Legend of Ghost Mountain is now LIVE on PEGinc.com!

“Ghost Mountain is a sacred site containing a physical gate to the world of the afterlife, and the Ghost Wardens who reside there are dedicated to making sure the souls of the dead pass peacefully through to the afterlife. But something has gone wrong. The dead rebel in unprecedented numbers and commit atrocities against the living. Only the Ghost Wardens can set things right. This is the story of those heroes as their trials and deeds become legend…”

If you’re not already registered at our site, visit PEGinc.com right now and click on “My Account” at the top of your screen to get started.

Once you’re all set up, assemble your party of Ghost Wardens and head over to the Legend of Ghost Mountain GAMECHANGER campaign page to review the contents of the upcoming Boxed Set including:

🐲 The Legend of Ghost Mountain core book. 128 pages containing options for customizing heroes, a history and gazetteer of the setting, the Face the Inevitable Savage Saga itself, and a bestiary of various foes.

🐲 Ghost Warden Archetypes. More than just simple archetype cards, these full sheets contain each iconic Warden’s story and descriptions for their powers. The Savage Saga has specific hooks to weave these characters into the story.

🐲 Legend of Ghost Mountain Pawns. Six sheets of creatures and characters, beautiful full-color art front and back, and form cut to match the figure’s silhouette. Easy to transport, hundreds of figures, and no painting needed. Bring on the epic tactical action!

🐲 Two double-sided fold-out poster maps with unique tactical arenas for kung fu action straight from the Plot Point campaign.

🐲 The gorgeous map of the Central Empire to track your Ghost Warden’s progress as they choose their path and race across the country to face the Inevitable Army.

If you’re a Savage Worlds fan, please consider not only backing Legend of Ghost Mountain on GAMECHANGER but also spreading the word to others who might be interested as well. It’s incredibly hard to reach people in today’s crowded marketplace, and Pinnacle depends greatly on friends like you to let people know about our latest projects.

Plus, tonight starting at 6pm Eastern, join us over on our official PEG Twitch channel for the Legend of Ghost Mountain GAMECHANGER Launch Stream featuring guests Mike Barbeau, Sean Owen Roberson, Jess Rogers, Tracy Sizemore, Brian Reeves, and more!

Thanks for your continued support, heroes!

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