Legend of Ghost Mountain Update—The Next Stretch Goal

Published On: February 7, 2023Categories: Crowdfunding, News, The Legend of Ghost Mountain

So far, you’ve unlocked FIVE incredible Stretch Goals in our Kickstarter campaign for Legend of Ghost Mountain and the next one, a cloth Map of the Central Empire, is in sight!

The Map of the Central Empire is large, detailed, and absolutely gorgeous, and when we reach $80k we will upgrade the material these are printed on from paper to cloth!

For those following along at home, here’s all the bonus content that has already been unlocked in this campaign:

🐉 The expanded Archetype Dossier set (included in the Player, GM, and Boxed Set pledge tiers) now includes a sixth non-Ghost Warden exemplar character, Orphan Ding.
🐉 Six Emotion Cards summarize the five strong emotions and one universal option Ghost Wardens can utilize with their Emotion Tokens.

🐉 Eight Power Cards customized for Legend of Ghost Mountain bring the most common Powers deployed by Ghost Wardens to your fingertips for easy use in encounters.
🐉 When it’s time to take on an Inevitable Army of unruly undead, the Mass Battle Playmat will help you organize your tokens, forces, and strategy to keep even massive encounters fast, furious, and high flying fun!
🐉 Twenty-Four Adversary Cards include information on a wide variety of foes as well as sample encounters to challenge your players.

This cloth Map of the Central Empire is hands down our staff-favorite Stretch Goal, so we appreciate your help in unlocking this one before the campaign concludes on Friday, February 17th. Share that you’re a Kickstarter backer on social media, maybe Add On/Upgrade your pledge, and ask your friends to join you for high-flying adventures in the Central Empire!

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