The Savage Worlds license now grants licensee companies the right to reprint certain pre-authorized material from Pinnacle’s core products—after all, we aren’t going to refuse permission to use the zombie stat block and description from Savage Worlds. Zombies are everywhere!
Please note this list allows ONLY licensed companies to reprint Authorized Material—not Fan-made products.
If you have a question about material not listed below, such as any of our setting books, adventures, GM Screens, or anything that isn’t the core rulebook or a Companion, please email Pinnacle Licensing.

Please keep reprinted Authorized Material to no more than 20% of the total licensed product. What we don’t want are collections or compendiums of our stats, skills, monsters, etc, in any format. Including some in an appropriately themed product is fine, of course.

Here’s a detailed list of Authorized Material:

Savage Worlds core rules, Companions products, and Showdown rules

  • Archetype names, descriptions, and stat blocks. Ex: Mage, Martial Artist, Pirate, etc.
  • Race names, descriptions, and Edges/Hindrances that are used to create them. Ex: Atlantean, Advanced Civilization, Aquatic, etc. Please note this does not include Making Races from Savage Worlds or Custom Races from the Science Fiction Companion.
  • Skill names and descriptions
  • Edge names and descriptions. Please note this does not include powers. See below for powers.
  • Hindrance names and descriptions
  • Gear and Vehicle names, descriptions, and stat blocks. Ex: Double-Barrel shotgun (Range 12/24/48, Damage 1-3d6, RoF 1-2, Shots 2), Jeep (Acc/TS 10/40, Toughness 7(1), Crew 2+3, Four Wheel Drive), etc. Please note this does not include Size, Critical Hits, or Modification tables such as found in Starships in the Science Fiction Companion, but does allow reprinting of names, descriptions, and stat blocks for Stock Starships. You may of course create or add your own Critical Hit Tables, Modifications, and the like.
  • Power titles and trappings. Ex: Bolt, colored bolts, insects. Please note this does not include Rank, Power Points, Range, Duration, or descriptions of how the powers work mechanically. Again, you may of course create your own powers.
  • Creature names, descriptions, and stat blocks. Ex: Alligator/Crocodile, its stat block including Special Abilities, and the copy used to describe them. (You can use the short form description, just like we do in our stat blocks) Please note this does not include the descriptions of Special Abilities from Monstrous Abilities, such as the Size Toughness Modifiers table.