Licensee Spotlight: Art of War: New Era for Savage Worlds

Published On: December 20, 2022Categories: Licensee, News, Sale

Licensee Amora Game is delighted to announce the digital release of Art of War: New Era on DriveThruRPG!

Inspired by anime, heroes in Art of War: New Era can dive into the martial arts world of the San Empire. Through the lands of Great Clans, heroes race basabasa (giant, fire-breathing chickens(!)) across the central plains on a quest to find the ravaging Oni menace. Duel opposing school masters with Chi Techniques, settle old feuds in the rebuilding of a war-torn nation as members of the Volunteer Army or traveling heroes of the Jade Stratagem. Confront ghosts, wrestle scorpodiles, or join the demon-hunters!

In this 208-page book you will find over 50 new Edges, 18 Hindrances, and six new Skills. Build a character from 11 Ancestries and eight Tropes. Add new rules to your game ranging from Dueling, owning a Dominion, Crafting in downtime, and Fighting Styles for martial arts. With over 40 Chi Techniques ranging from turning hair into arrows, shapeshifting, creating clones, to exorcising spirits, heroes can replicate over-the-top Xianxia action.

All this week, in honor of the holidays, Amora Game is having a special sale on Art of War: New Era! Now through Friday, December 23rd, use the coupon code “996b76506e” at checkout, and save 40% OFF your purchase!

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