Licensee Spotlight: Atomic Ninja Studios Anniversary Specials for Savage Worlds

Published On: May 21, 2024Categories: Licensee, News, Sale

Celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of Ace licensee, Atomic Ninja Studios with a fun-filled FREEBIE and a discounted new bundle of One Shot Wonders!

First up, Savage Daddy’s One Shot Wonders Revised Edition is an updated, 28-page PDF collection of FIVE independent adventures with pregenerated characters for use with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. It’s also currently FREE from May 15th to May 31st through DriveThruRPG:

šŸŽ² Take refuge from the zombie apocalypse in an abandoned farmhouse in No More Room in Hell.
šŸŽ² Play sidekicks who save the day in the supers adventure, A Wolf in Hero’s Clothing.
šŸŽ² Suit up and crush Mecha-Hitler’s forces in Bubba-Tech: Rednecks in Mechs.
šŸŽ² Save Papa Pluto’s Pizza from bankruptcy in the sci-fi comedy 30 Parsecs or Less.
šŸŽ² The murder hobos are coming. How will you survive aĀ Game of Trolls.

Additionally, One Shot Wonders Anniversary Vol 5 is currently on sale for just $14.99 USD (regular price, $23.88)! This all-new collection includes ALL 12 of year five’s monthly adventures in one awesome bundle: Aegis Syndicate: Prometheus Rising, Chrono Crusade, Crimson Contagion, Diablo Nano, Embers of Azgarut, Expedition to Eriadnus, Houses & Humans, Isekai Lumberjacks, No Resistance, None Shall Pass, Shadow Force, and Whistleblowers!

Celebrate Atomic Ninja Studios’ Fifth Anniversary with these incredible adventures available for a limited time through DriveThruRPG!

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