Licensee Spotlight: Bad Day in Bedlam

Published On: July 16, 2019Categories: News

Now available through DriveThruRPG, Bad Day in Bedlam from Ace licensee, Plain Brown Wrapper Games, is a giant-sized superhero adventure for Savage Worlds:

It is winter in Bedlam. Dirty snow lies in heaps on every street corner, toasted black with exhaust fumes. The city has been buried by the worst snowstorm in years, and none of the poorer neighborhoods have been plowed. The slums are on the brink of rioting and things are about to get even worse, for a series of vicious crimes is about to shake the city to its core! Twelve rampaging supervillains are threatening to give Bedlam City a two-fisted Christmas (and a violent new year?). Are all these things somehow connected? Can the heroes solve this terrible mystery and foil the plot behind it before the city plunges into mayhem and disaster? It’s going to be a bad day in Bedlam unless they do.

This 210-page, SWADE-compliant, Bronze Age superhero adventure contains more than fifty NPCs, including thirteen dastardly supervillains! It has ten separate scenes, multiple story paths, and more than a dozen battle-maps! You’ll also find trash-littered alleys, tormented angst, moral gray zones, and at least two vigilantes who dress in black and brood in rooftops in the dark.

Return to the Bronze Age of comic books in Bad Day in Bedlam available now!

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