Licensee Spotlight – Battle for Oz: Pirates Funded on Kickstarter

Published On: May 19, 2020Categories: News

This past Sunday, May 17th, marked the 120th anniversary of the publication of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by author L. Frank Baum, and right now, you can pledge your support for Battle for Oz: Pirates, a reimagined and modernized version of Oz for use with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. Plus they’ve already reached their funding goal on Kickstarter!

The events of L. Frank Baum’s original stories are now over a century in the past. The original Wizard and Dorothy are long dead, though many of their friends and companions are still around. A new Wizard from Dorothy’s world has conquered half the land of Oz and a new sea has overcome the once deadly desert that isolated Oz from the rest of the world. Players can take the roles of freedom fighters, mercenaries, pirates, privateers, or countless others to explore Oz by land or by sea. Join the fight to liberate a war-torn Oz or join the many who profit from it!

Published by ACE licensee Pirate Press and Fat Goblin Games, Battle for Oz: Pirates is a complete roleplaying game book and sequel to the successful Battle for Oz roleplaying game originally published back in 2014.

For more information (including sample artwork plus a list of upcoming stretch goals like an Action Deck) and to pledge your support, visit the Battle for Oz: Pirates Kickstarter page today!

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