Licensee Spotlight: Beasts & Barbarians Meets SWADE

Published On: August 20, 2019Categories: News

Welcome back to the Dread Sea Dominions, a sword and sorcery setting for Savage Worlds from Ace licensee GRAmel, with Rebirth, an all-new heroic tale for Beasts & Barbarians Steel Edition!

Nature, and its cycle of life and death, is eternal, but in some realms it is even more eternal than in others! A mysterious island, a raven-haired girl, and a menace from a forgotten past await the heroes in this adventure. Will you dare unravel the secrets of the Rebirth?

Along with this brand new adventure, GRAmel has also unleashed the Beasts & Barbarians Adventure Edition Update for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. If you have Beasts & Barbarians Steel Edition or Gold Edition, download this update from DriveThruRPG today to get playing with SWADE!

Please note: This is a living document. If you see something they missed please contact GRAmel at [email protected]

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