Licensee Spotlight: By a Thread for Savage Worlds from Arme Blanche Games

Published On: March 22, 2022Categories: Licensee, New Release, News

Welcome to By a Thread, an all-new fantastic setting for Savage Worlds from licensee Arme Blanche Games!

Prepare yourself for stories of adventure, mystery, and intrigue as you and the rest of your outfit struggle to make your way through the cities and wilderness of the Northern Provinces of the former Aerodom on the continent of Chevas.

Defend yourself not only against common criminals and possibly the odd assassin hired by a nobleman or titan of industry, but also against goblins, orcs, and trolls. Even the undead can sometimes be found laying plans for the ruination of the Noble Races.

Play as a dwarf, elf, faerie, human, or ogre, and equip yourself with the best the land has to offer: revolvers, pistols, submachine guns, rifles, and even machine rifles and grenades.

Get ready for adventure in a fantasy realm featuring 1920s technology and culture. Travel overland at your peril or simply buy a ticket for a dirigible to take you from city to city.

This 117-page PDF setting book includes:

  • Five playable races
  • Three new Hindrances
  • Sixteen new Edges
  • Two new Skills
  • Two new Powers
  • Dozens of new weapons and general gear
  • Downtime rules based on the lifestyle the PC chooses
  • Three new city guides
  • A guide to the region including a map
  • 48 new Extras
  • One new Companion
  • Five new Wild Cards
  • One new rule for combat encounters

The sky is the limit to what you can accomplish, but can you save your city or the region and put the myriad threats to rest?

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