Licensee Spotlight: Campaign City Supers for Savage Worlds

Published On: October 4, 2022Categories: Crowdfunding, Licensee, News

Now on Kickstarter, Campaign City Supers from licensee Blessed Machine (Secret Agents of CROSS) is a series of “spandexy” adventures for use with Savage Worlds and the new Super Powers Companion!

Each adventure includes a feature-length story, several shorter backup stories (based on unlocked campaign Stretch Goals), locations, maps, new supers, and new normal citizens. Plus, new releases will build on the content from previous adventures.

Evilution Unchained is the first release for Campaign City Supers! This three-act, twisted science, supers adventure takes the heroes throughout the city to solve a series of high-profile kidnappings. Heroes will hunt for clues across nine detailed, full-color maps to discover a horrific plot that threatens the entire Campaign City.

Visit the Campaign City Supers Kickstarter page right now to get all the deets, check out the Stretch Goals, grab a few freebies, and pledge your support… for JUSTICE!

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