Licensee Spotlight: Crystal Heart Comes to Kickstarter

Published On: November 13, 2018Categories: News

Set a reminder for next Tuesday, November 20th for the launch of the Crystal Heart Kickstarter from Aviv Or and Eran Aviram.

“In a world where people’s hearts are made of stone, special Agents of the mysterious organisation Syn can replace their hearts with ancient Crystals, which grant them superpowers – but also affect their personality and moods in unpredictable ways.

Inspired by anime and superhero comics, the Crystal Heart setting was developed in the webcomic Up to Four Players as the characters were playing it. Now you too can become a Syn Agent, explore ancient locations and hunt down powerful Crystals!”

Grab the free, 21-page, fully-illustrated Crystal Heart Starter Set today to get the rules for using Crystals, six ready-to-play Agents, a one-shot adventure, a summary sheet with all the necessary Crystal rules, and a two-page comic explaining how to play Savage Worlds!

And to keep up on all the latest developments, be sure to follow Up to 4 Players on Facebook and Twitter.

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