Licensee Spotlight: Crystal Heart – Now on Kickstarter

Published On: November 27, 2018Categories: News

Fully funded within its first 24 hours, the Kickstarter for Crystal Heart from Savage Worlds Ace licensee, Up to 4 Players, is well underway with two fantastic Stretch Goals already unlocked (and a third about to pop)!

Crystal Heart is a brand new setting for Savage Worlds (yes, that does mean the forthcoming Adventure Edition), based on the ongoing storyline in the webcomic Up to 4 Players. In the world of Crystal Heart, people’s hearts are literally made of stone. Some folks – notably, the player characters – can replace their hearts with ancient Crystals which grant them unique arrays of superpowers… but also change their personality. As Agents of the mysterious organisation known as Syn, the heroes scour the world in search of new, powerful Crystals.

The 200-page setting book will include rules for using Crystals, new Edges and Hindrances for Agents, various ways to use Syn, a Plot Point campaign, and everything you need to know about the world of Crystal Heart.

Visit the Crystal Heart Roleplaying Game Kickstarter page to pledge your support, check out all the various Stretch Goals, and download the FREE Starter Set today!

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