Licensee Spotlight: Divided We Fall from Intellistories

Published On: December 26, 2017Categories: News

Just in time for the holidays, the second adventure module in the epic, seven-part Seven Worlds campaign is now available from Savage Worlds licensee Intellistories.

In Divided We Fall, war between Concordia and Bay Jing, the two most powerful planets in the Seven Worlds, is heating up. One of the combatants hides a secret that could change the tide of the war, and it is the heroes’ job to discover what it is.

Divided We Fall is available as a stand-alone module at RPGNow, or as part of the Seven Worlds Campaign Subscription. With the subscription you get all seven modules (as they are released) at a discount, plus the full Seven Worlds Campaign Book (a 253-page, one volume compilation of all seven modules with exclusive Campaign Book cover art) at no extra cost!

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