Licensee Spotlight: Dog House Rules’ Frontier Towns: Fort Griffin Savaged

Published On: March 13, 2018Categories: News

Ideal for Deadlands, The Sixth Gun RPG, or your very own Weird and/or Wild West creation, Frontier Towns: Fort Griffin is a new Texas setting for Savage Worlds from licensee Dog House Rules.

Completely updated for use with Savage Worlds, DHR’s Fort Griffin features 154 jam-packed pages containing 17 fully-described establishments, 90 NPCs (both historical and fictional), and more than 100 adventure hooks (with DHR’s world-famous “Forks in the Road” alternatives for many of them). You also get a Personality Pack with 37 pages of character cards, plus a new Map Pack set of files with all the maps a Marshal or Game Master might need, including tiled versions for printing and assembling a tabletop map (with or without a grid) as well as VTT versions for online usage.

Take a gander at the official preview direct from Dog House Rules, or visit the product page at DriveThruRPG to order your copy of the Savaged version of Frontier Towns: Fort Griffin.

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