Licensee Spotlight: Dog House Rules

Published On: August 6, 2019Categories: News

With Gen Con behind us, another big media event, Shark Week, just wrapped up its 31st year, as well!

What a coincidence then, that Ace licensee Dog House Rules has TWO exciting new releases for Trailer Park Shark Attack now on DriveThruRPG!

Trailer Park Shark Attack is a disaster shark adventure designed for use with Savage Worlds. This three-scenario adventure comes with printable tabletop maps, paper-shark minis, and 24 pre-generated character cards ready for printing and assembling the character deck.

First up, there’s the SWADE-upgraded version of the adventure allowing fans to get their hands on the new, completely updated version for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition! This download also includes the original Savage Worlds Deluxe version.

DHR has also released its very first supplement for Trailer Park Shark Attack, Parker Pack #1 which includes eight new pre-generated characters for the TPSA character card deck. Add or substitute these character cards to the game deck — either way, fresh meat for the sharks and more variety for the players.

Visit the trailer park today… but don’t forget your shark repellent!

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