Licensee Spotlight: Eberron for Savage Worlds

Eberron for Savage Worlds brings the cinematic “Fast! Furious! Fun!” action of the Savage Worlds roleplaying game to Khorvaire and the lands beyond, giving you the tools to create fantastic tales of adventure and intrigue!

Adapted from the original Eberron Campaign Setting for Dungeons & Dragons v3.5, this book is bursting with rules and options to help you explore Eberron using the Savage Worlds rules.

Eberron for Savage Worlds includes:

  • Ancestries: Choose from the original Dungeons & Dragons core ancestries or play as one of the ancestries introduced in the Eberron Campaign Setting.
  • Edges: Build and advance characters with options that enhance natural abilities, bestow innate magic, strengthen magical and psionic talents, or increase your combat prowess.
  • Arcane Backgrounds: Infuse raw magic into objects as an artificer or harness psychic energy as a psion or soulknife.
  • Magic Items: Equip characters with gear and magic items unique to Eberron.
  • Dangerous Inhabitants: Face new creatures and beings that challenge—or assist—adventurers on their expeditions.

The Immaterial Plane is a Savage Worlds Ace Licensee, and in compliance with the FCP, has published this game material as a freely available Google Doc that can be duplicated or downloaded in multiple formats. It’s also available as a premium PDF professionally laid out by Karl Keesler, complete with bookmarks and a linked table of contents and index as well as a foreword by Eberron creator Keith Baker!

This book requires the Savage Worlds Core Rules and the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion, with some additional content referenced from the Savage Worlds Horror Companion. Access to an original Eberron campaign sourcebook is also required for setting lore. The Eberron Campaign Setting is strongly recommended, but any campaign sourcebook can be used.

Eberron for Savage Worlds is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.

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