Licensee Spotlight: Effluvium

Published On: April 27, 2021Categories: Licensee, News

“Make no mistake, Sojourner, the world is dying…”

Now available from licensee Kindred Spirit Productions, Effluvium is a new Savage Worlds setting that takes place in the dying world of Hrœland, where would-be heroes, known as Sojourners, survive horrors of a world slowly rotting away from the mysterious Hellblight.

This beautifully-illustrated PDF includes:

  • New Races
  • Character Archetypes
  • Magic Styles
  • Gear
  • A Gazetteer of the Remaining World
  • Adventure and Settlement Generation Tables

… and plenty of adventure ideas!

Order your PDF copy of Effluvium from DriveThruRPG today.

This setting is also available as a deluxe boxed set that includes a full-color, perfect-bound version of the setting book, over 180 double-sided monster tokens, a gorgeous 54-card Action Deck featuring artwork by Rasul Karmenov, a custom Game Master’s screen, and a map of Hrœland. Order the boxed set through The Game Crafter and bring Effluvium to your game table!

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