Licensee Spotlight: Exploding Wild Dice

Published On: August 20, 2019Categories: News

With just one week left, Ace licensee Triple Ace Games (Hellfrost, Necropolis 2350) is serving up an exciting Kickstarter to help give your dice collection one heck of a boost!

Be the envy of your gaming group with these specially-crafted “Exploding Dice.” Each custom, six-sided die has a unique icon replacing the 6, so not only can you immediately tell when they explode (not literally, of course) but they look dang cool when the maximum is rolled!

Designed for roleplaying games that use dice that “explode” or “Ace,” such as Savage Worlds, Triple Ace Games, along with Dice Dudes, is offering a number of custom six-sided dice with uniquely designed symbols for the sixes relating to certain genres or recognizable themes.

Order just these special d6s on their own, or stock up on complete, color-coordinated sets for use in your games.

Head over to the Exploding Wild Dice Kickstarter to pledge your support today!

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