Licensee Spotlight: Explorers of the Fantastic

Published On: October 29, 2019Categories: News

Explorers of the Fantastic is a new setting book by Ace licensee Battlefield Press for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition that pits the heroes against mad scientists, Russian spies, evil extraterrestrials, and giant monsters from the Hollow Earth!

The Allied bombing of Ninoshima island in Japan in August, 1945, opened up an enormous entrance into the Hollow Earth, and from that entrance came the first of a series of skyscraper-sized monsters to plague the world over the next two decades. Fortunately for humanity, a group of action scientists, the Explorers of the Fantastic, rose up to oppose them and to explore the Hollow Earth, the floors of the seven seas, and the depths of outer space.

In Explorers of the Fantastic, you’ll find…

  • Rules for creating your heroic action scientists and equipping them with the highest of high tech—even their own personal vehicles.
  • Rules for creating new giant monsters, either for the player characters to fight against or for the players to run.
  • Rules for creating individual vehicles for player characters, from flying mini-subs to rocketships.
  • New Savage Worlds races (Intelligent Apes! Emancipated Robots!) and character concepts (Giant Monster Expert! Science Police! Super Scientist!).
  • A complete alternate history, incorporating giant monsters, super scientists, the Explorers of the Fantastic organization, alien invasions, and other Atomic Age and Silver Age fun.
  • And of course fully statted-up giant monsters for the players to fight against, ranging from Tokabiru, King of the Monsters, to his arch-enemy Emperor Misery, and from the Amoeba That Wouldn’t Die to Man-Tis, the Insect That Walked Like A Man!

Visit the Explorers of the Fantastic Kickstarter page to pledge your support… for SCIENCE!!!

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