Licensee Spotlight: Fast! Furious! February! Creator Jam

Published On: January 10, 2023Categories: Events, Licensee, Media, News

The month of February holds different meanings for many of us: love (Valentine’s Day), the approaching spring season, and Super Bowl Sunday are all reasons to celebrate, but for the Savage Worlds community, February is also a time of creation.

The upcoming Fast! Furious! February! Creator Jam is an invitation to all creators to share their handiwork, whether written, shot on video, or recorded in audio. All are welcome: big or small, fans or professionals, first-timers or veterans, serious or comedic, free or for sale, short form or door stoppers, and all things in between. All that we require is a love of tabletop roleplaying games and the desire to share your work with others.

Participating only requires a few steps. The most difficult one is simply creating something, but it can be anything really—a single Edge you think is cool, a vlog you always wanted to produce about NPCs, the summary of your latest game session, a complete adventure supplement, a new podcast… Anything! Then, include the Fast! Furious! February! logo in your work related to Savage Worlds and make it available for sale or free to download at the location of your choice during the month of February. Add the hashtag #FFFebruary in the description and edit the wiki page to add your contribution for the whole world to see. Smaller submissions can also be hosted directly on the wiki if you want. Additional information about the wiki will be given during the month of January.

And that’s it!

We have also chosen a theme for 2023: “Love & Death,” but the important part is creating together. If whatever you had in mind has absolutely nothing to do with Love & Death, please go ahead and participate anyway. We want you, whoever you are, and whatever you are creating.

Love you all to death and we’ll see you all in a few weeks!

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