Licensee Spotlight: Final Days for Heroes of Terra on Kickstarter

Published On: March 12, 2019Categories: News

If you were considering backing the Kickstarter for Heroes of Terra: The Mushroom War from Savage Worlds Ace licensee, Blackwing Productions, the end is nigh, so be sure to act now!

Welcome to Terra, a parallel world where magic lives and the dinosaurs never died out. Humans never evolved on Terra–instead, the world is dominated by floral life and saurians. Humans exist on Terra, however, drawn from the legendary world of Earth. In the aftermath of a terrible war, Terra needs heroes!

Become a hero of Terra, a world of floral sorcery and saurian savagery! Hundreds of people have downloaded the Heroes of Terra Player’s Guide (Rough Cut) and Heroes of Terra JumpStart Edition. Now help bring the world of Terra to full-color life in the final hours of the Kickstarter for Heroes of Terra: The Mushroom War!

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