Licensee Spotlight: Foundry VTT Module for Street Wolves for Savage Worlds

Published On: February 6, 2024Categories: Licensee, New Release, News, VTT

For Foundry Virtual Tabletop users, a new module for Street Wolves for Savage Worlds from licensee Table Cat Games has just dropped on both DriveThruRPG and!

Street Wolves is a retro-noir action adventure Savage Worlds setting for running adventures in the neon shadows of 1987. And it’s now even easier to play online with the release of the Street Wolves Foundry VTT module.

This module includes:

  • The Street Wolves core book as a journal, organized in handy chapters with internal links.
  • Two adventures: “Two of Hearts” from the Jumpstart and “Melt with You” from the Street Wolves core book.
  • An immersive and thematic synthwave inspired design.
  • Draggable gear, Edges, and Hindrances.
  • Rollable tables for mission generation, chase complications, montages, and more.
  • Four environmental maps, a map of Miami, and a title screen.
  • 50+ NPCs along with unique VTT tokens for each one (and an alternate lighter background for each).
  • Six Quick Archetypes to use to get building characters quickly.
  • 18 synthwave songs included for your Street Wolves soundtrack!

Power up your keytar, slip into your white linen suit, pop on those Wayfarers, and step out under the neon-colored sky of Street Wolves from licensee Table Cat Games.

The Street Wolves Foundry VTT module is available NOW on both DriveThruRPG and

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