Licensee Spotlight: FREE Jumpstart for Sidewinder Recoiled for Savage Worlds

Published On: February 6, 2024Categories: Crowdfunding, Licensee, New Release, News

In anticipation of their imminent Kickstarter in support of the 20th anniversary edition of Sidewinder Recoiled, a traditional Western tabletop role-playing game for use with Savage Worlds, Ace licensee Dog House Rules (Frontier Towns: Fort Griffin SavagedTrailer Park Shark Attack) has released a totally FREE PDF Jumpstart version of Sidewinder Recoiled for Savage Worlds.

Subtitled Sole Survivor,” this 47-page PDF features:

  • Introduction to Sidewinder Recoiled for Savage Worlds with notes about the game’s historical setting.
  • Character Design summary and example for designing a Western hero just like your favorites from movies, TV, or novels.
  • New Edges from Savage Sidewinder, including a few Background and Professional examples, plus 23 of the 100 new Renowned Edges.
  • Eight Veteran Rank Renowned character cards for the players to use in the Sole Survivor tourney.
  • Eight Novice Extra character cards (aka “pistol fodder”) for the Judge (GM) to use in the first-round of the Tournament brackets.
  • Tournament Setting Rules and three example Tournament brackets for playing with a convention-style time limit or a two-to-three session extended tourney.
  • Tournament Showdown Examplecustom tables such Old West slang, optional rules, and more.

The Sole Survivor Tournament is designed to whet your appetite for some Western role-playing while giving you a taste of the full game’s Setting Rules and flavor.

Download this freebie today and be sure to sign up to be notified the moment the Kickstarter for the full edition goes live this Thursday, February 8th, at 1pm Eastern!

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