Licensee Spotlight: Freedom Squadron Kickstarter from Evil Beagle Games and Spyglass Games

Published On: March 6, 2018Categories: News

Get ready to fight for freedom wherever there’s trouble in Freedom Squadron, a new Savage Setting from Sean Patrick Fannon and Savage Worlds licensee Evil Beagle Games, in partnership with Spyglass Games, creators of the VENOM Assault board game.

Welcome to the high-octane, walking-away-from-explosions celebration of ’80s and ’90s action that is Freedom Squadron! Based on the award-winning cooperative deck-building board game VENOM Assault (Spyglass Games), Freedom Squadron is a Savage Worlds setting crafted by veteran game designer and writer Sean Patrick Fannon (Shaintar, Savage Rifts®) and developed by Evil Beagle Games. In Freedom Squadron, you play elite soldiers, sailors, pilots, ninjas, special agents, and more, all united against the evil machinations of the multi-national paramilitary organization bent on world domination, VENOM. You are the last, best hope for freedom!

Freedom Squadron features all the things you love about Savage Worlds settings, plus some exciting new rules and ideas from the mind of SPF. Immerse yourself in special operations missions across the globe, highlighting the skills and the storytelling instincts of each player via the Plans & Operations rules. Choose a Vocation Framework, roll on the Specialization Charts, and explore a host of new Edges like Fighting Style, Operational Planning, Strange DNA, and Zone Specialist to make your character among the best-of-the-best. As Shane Hensley himself said, “Sean isn’t afraid of big games and big ideas, and this may be his best yet.”

While the Kickstarter doesn’t go live until this Saturday (March 10th), you can check it out right now to get a sneak preview of what’s to come.

For additional information, visit the SpyGlass Games website and the Freedom Squadron Facebook page today!

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