Licensee Spotlight: Gods and Masters

Published On: September 24, 2019Categories: News

Today, Tuesday September 24th, marks the launch of Twitchy Butcher Studios’ Kickstarter for Gods and Masters, a new setting for Savage Worlds.

This urban guerrilla fantasy setting centers around three playable factions battling for supremacy through any means necessary!

Besides the three factions and their unique Edges, Hindrances, Arcane Backgrounds, and gear, players will also find new rule mechanics for interrogation and Dramatic Stealth, a system that allows crafty characters to infiltrate bases and assassinate their enemies from the shadows. Bring the fight to the enemy in 10 Savage Tales, and harness the power of dark gods or the undead to take control of the city.

Backers who pledge at least $10 will gain access to the beta version of the Gods and Masters Player’s Guide during the first couple days of the campaign. This nearly-finished product is already quite playable, so backers eager to get started can go ahead and start their own adventures in the savage world of Ritonak. 

For a small dose of the guerrilla war raging in the city of Dokaro, check out the free JumpStart available from DriveThruRPG. And be sure to listen to a recent interview with author JC Thompson on the Wild Die Podcast to learn all the details of the setting.

Pledge your support for Gods and Masters on Kickstarter today!

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