Licensee Spotlight: Gold & Glory – Holiday Dungeon Bundle

Published On: January 5, 2021Categories: News

While you may have already pulled down the lights, stripped the tree bare, and packed all the ornaments away, you still have a week left to get in on the Gold & Glory Holiday Dungeon Bundle from licensee SpaceOrange42.

If you’re looking for a great way to play “Old School” dungeon games using Savage Worlds, Gold & Glory is the way to go, and for just $14.96 USD, this deeply-discounted bundle is a GREAT way to get into the adventure!

The amazing offer includes PDFs of the following:

  • Gold & Glory – Seven Deadly Dungeons, the core book to play zero prep classic dungeon games. Sporting the unorthodox and super Fast, Furious, and Fun Wild Draw character generation, dungeon exploration rules, downtime activities, and other sweet options and rules, it also includes the titular Seven Deadly Dungeons: self-generating dungeon adventures that will keep your heroes busy for dozens of sessions.
  • Ebenezer’s Gold, a holiday-themed dungeon adventure by Richard Woolcock.
  • Old School Gaming in Savage Worlds, a guide to enhance your Savage Worlds games with that “Old School” style.
  • Gold & Glory – Solo, GMless,and One-on-One Adventures, a guide and rule-set with options to play all those sweet, prepless dungeons in a variety of ways.

The Gold & Glory Holiday Dungeon Bundle is available on DriveThruRPG until January 11th, so get it now before the dragon awakens!

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