Licensee Spotlight: Gunpowder in the Morning for Savage Worlds

Published On: November 7, 2023Categories: Licensee, New Release, News

Now available from Ace licensee, Dog House Rules (Frontier Towns: Fort Griffin SavagedTrailer Park Shark Attack), Gunpowder in the Morning is a convention-style, traditional Western adventure for Savage Worlds!

“The comings and goings of soldiers, big bugs, and famous folk are nothing new to Fort Griffin and the town called The Flat. Things are always a-stir in these parts. Today ain’t no exception. Whether you’ve been in town before or just settled in for your first night after arriving on the latest stagecoach, you have your own reasons for spending time in this notable burg.

“You wake up this morning with a distinct notion of something powerful in the air.”

Gunpowder in the Morning offers 35 PDF pages (48 in the POD) containing:

  • A two-act adventure with a detailed backstory and town notes.
  • Seven character sheets – A set of Veteran heroes for the players … or for use as NPCs if’n you’re using existing heroes in an ongoing Western game.
  • Tips for playing with a time limit or adapting to an existing Western game.
  • Stat blocks for nonplayer Wild Cards and Extras involved in the adventure.

🌵 This scenario uses DHR’s Fort Griffin Wild West setting for Savage Worlds. Play with seven pre-generated Veteran Rank heroes in a one session convention-style game, fold the adventure into an ongoing game starring existing heroes, or cook up your own brew somewhere in between. Although this adventure doesn’t require Fort Griffin Savaged, it’s designed so you can use a few of the setting’s building descriptions and maps (ready for DIY VTT) as well as various nonplayer stats and descriptions.

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