Licensee Spotlight: IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre

Published On: April 13, 2021Categories: Crowdfunding, Licensee, New Release, News

Delve into dark and ancient places as a band of “runepunk” explorers in the world of IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre for Savage Worlds!

This FREE 32-page mini-setting is available now on SunSpear Games’ website, coinciding with their current Kickstarter for their upcoming video game of the same name.

In the vast expanse of Creation, this mini-setting focuses on playing under the Iron Republic of Jora, an industrial frontier country powered by rune-magic.

The 32-page mini-setting includes:

  • A six-page lore primer for a small slice of the world of IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre
  • New gear and weapons utilizing a universal resource for power: Charge
  • A brand-new Arcane Background that uses Charge to activate their strange gizmos
  • Six pregenerated characters to let you dive right into the action: the archaeologist, the detective, the doc, the gunslinger, the hawk, and the Talmetran enforcer
  • A nine-page adventure (1 or 2 sessions) giving players a taste of the people and places on the world of Shael
  • Nine allies and enemies from IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre

Soon, the Great Gates of Pyre will open and link together realms long thought lost, and the Long Wait will yield to total war. Can you maneuver the seedy underbelly of the Iron Republic and avoid the angelfire of the holy Q’rath Empire? Or will you succumb to the dark secrets of the Ancient Rae?

Pick up IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre from SunSpear Games or DriveThruRPG today, and check out the Kickstarter for the PC video game—ends Monday April 19th!

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