Licensee Spotlight: Kethos Fantasy Setting Core Book

Published On: May 5, 2020Categories: News

Now available through DriveThruRPG, Kethos is a new, gritty fantasy roleplaying game setting from Kethos Project Publishing.

Kethos is a world of intrigue, exploration, conflict, and adventure. It is a world of multiple civilizations dominated by Humans, shattered and remade multiple times, where gunpowder and sorcery stand together. Heroes can help create a new world, explore the ruins of the bygone past, and face threats both monstrous and human. Empires clash, while horrors long-forgotten rise in dark places.

This 250-page setting book includes:

  • Numerous useful maps.
  • A detailed, realistic, and most of all playable setting and history, including a detailed city and kingdom to start in.
  • More than a dozen playable races and sub-races.
  • Over two dozen new Edges, Hindrances, and skills.
  • Several new magic systems, including Alchemy, Enchantment of Magic Items, and Ritual Magic.
  • Over a dozen new Powers and Magic Items.
  • Design systems and rules for both seafaring and flying vessels.
  • Extensive new equipment lists, including weapons, armor, and magic items.
  • An illustrated bestiary with over two dozen new creatures.
  • Three new adventures, including dungeons, urban intrigue, and wilderness exploration.
  • The Action Deck adventure design system introduced by the “Beasts and Barbarians” setting (with permission from GRAmel Books), adapted for use in the Kethos Setting.

Pick up a copy of the Kethos Fantasy Setting Core Book, unsheathe those swords, and prepare for battle!

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