Licensee Spotlight: Kethos for Savage Worlds—Revised for 2022!

Published On: March 22, 2022Categories: Licensee, New Release, News

A couple years ago, we introduced you to the unique Kethos Fantasy Setting for Savage Worlds from Kethos Project Publishing.

Now, Kethos has returned to DriveThruRPG with two updated volumes for use with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition:

Kethos Book 1: The Continent of Faradath

“Kethos is a world of intrigue, exploration, conflict, and adventure. It is a world of multiple civilizations dominated by Humans, shattered and remade multiple times, where gunpowder and magic stand together. Empires clash, while horrors long-forgotten rise in dark places. Heroes can help create a new world, explore the ruins of the bygone past, and face down dangers for glory, riches, and their gods.”

This 400-page guidebook covers the rules necessary to create characters and play a campaign using the excellent Savage Worlds game system from Pinnacle Entertainment Group. It also includes…

  • A detailed, realistic, and most of all playable setting and history for an entire world.
  • A detailed continent, city, and kingdom to start your campaigns in.
  • Detailed descriptions and statistics of dozens of nations in diverse regions of the world, including the fractious and divided Kehler Lands, the vast and ancient Perashdan Empire, and the bizarre and distant Five Kingdoms!
  • Immediately useful adventure hooks, significant locations, and interesting non-player characters for every location.
  • Numerous useful maps for all levels of the setting.
  • More than a dozen playable races and sub-races.
  • Over two dozen new Edges, Hindrances, and Skills.
  • Several new magic systems, including Alchemy, Enchantment of Magic Items, and Ritual Magic.
  • Over a dozen new Powers and Magic Items.
  • Design systems and rules for both seafaring and flying vessels.
  • Extensive new equipment lists, including weapons, armor, and magic items.
  • Illustrated bestiary with dozens of new creatures.
  • Three introductory adventures, including dungeons, urban intrigue, and wilderness exploration.

Kethos: Crown of Kadashman

“Crown of Kadashman is a five-part adventure arc for the Kethos fantasy setting. The heroes are hired to recover five magical artifacts, which when brought together will allow the bearer to wield godlike powers over nature. The adventure arc is designed to be played in whatever order the gamemaster desires, though suggestions are provided for ideal outcomes. The adventures are aimed at a variety of experience levels, from neophytes to veteran players. The heroes will travel across the continent of Faradath, from swamps to cities, from mountains to desert ruins. The arc includes dungeon exploration and urban intrigue, and adversaries might be overcome by cleverness or bloody combat.”

Pick up the PDFs of both volumes (POD versions are coming soon) from DriveThruRPG, unsheathe those swords, and prepare for battle!

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