Licensee Spotlight: Knights Arcanum Jumpstart for Savage Worlds

Published On: April 4, 2023Categories: Licensee, New Release, News

The Spider and the Scholar is a jumpstart for Knights Arcanum, a new setting for Savage Worlds from Ace licensee Star Anvil Studios.

For just $1.00 USD, this 25-page, full-color PDF serves as an introduction to a world of superheroic, manapunk fantasy, where magically-powered trains and airships travel between floating island kingdoms that are menaced by demon hordes intent on claiming the world for themselves. The people of these kingdoms rely on the protection of the Knights Arcanum—singularly powerful guardians imbued with special powers. However, since the death of the Emperor, the kingdoms have been divided by strife and unrest. Villains scheme to take wealth and power wherever they can, cults spring up in the undercities, and vile netherites oppose any who would seek unity.

In the world of Kaber, the Knights Arcanum are needed more than ever!

In this Jumpstart adventure, you will find the Storm Riders—a group of five pregenerated Knights Arcanum ready to play. The heroes are called to escort a young scholar who has unearthed an important relic of the past. The scholar, and the orb he discovered, are traveling on one of the wondrous airships that sail the skies between islands, intending to deliver his prize to the Imperial University.

The Widow Queen, a sinister Nether-Lord, also desires this relic, and she has brought with her some of her own cultist henchmen to take the relic for herself. Her schemes put the airship at risk, and the lives of everyone aboard. Can the Knights Arcanum find a way to keep the airship flying and foil the Widow Queen’s plan?

The Spider and the Scholar includes five pregenerated characters, a gazetteer of the world of Kaber, and the adventure itself.

This jumpstart requires the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Core Rules and the new Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion to play.

Download the Spider and the Scholar for Knights Arcanum from DriveThruRPG today!

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