Licensee Spotlight: Life & Death (Echoes) for the Devil’s Run RPG

Published On: October 13, 2020Categories: News

Following on from the introductory adventure in the Devil’s Run RPG Quickstart for Savage Worlds, Life & Death (Echoes) sees the Misfits presented with a second opportunity to impress BritAttack’s Lord Protector of the Realm, Lord Hood. But a seemingly simple rescue mission soon escalates into all-out road war.

As tensions within BritAttack continue to mount, can the heroes earn the full trust of their beneficiary in time to have a say in the events yet to come?

How will your Run impact BritAttack’s future?

Th first chapter of an ongoing story, Life & Death (Echoes), The War for the Realm Part 1, is designed for four to six characters, and can be used as a standalone adventure or follow directly on from the events appearing in the Devil’s Run RPG Quickstart available for FREE from DriveThruRPG or Red Scar Publishing’s website.

Put that pedal to the metal and make your decisions count by buying Life & Death (Echoes) today!

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