Licensee Spotlight: Loving A Lovecraft Kickstarter from Atomic Overmind

Published On: August 8, 2017Categories: News

tourdelovecraftbiggerTour de Lovecraft: The Tales was the publication that originally launched Atomic Overmind Press. Now, a decade later, Kenneth Hite, Hal Mangold, and Atomic Overmind Press are ready to take you on a whole new tour through the world and works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft with Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations, now on Kickstarter!

This new volume (offered in multiple formats) takes you on a sight-seeing tour of Lovecraft’s settings: from Arkham to Antarctica, and from New York City to Hyperspace. Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations drives the hidden routes connecting seemingly unrelated tales. It follows the tracks of Lovecraft’s predecessors and models, stops to get its bearings in the real world, then plunges back into mystery, deciphering and explaining the symbols and signs on the Master’s map.


And for those who have been having a blast with Mr. Hite’s Savage SettingThe Day After Ragnarok, there’s lots more coming your way for that grim reality populated by colossal serpents, mad cultists, seafaring pirates, agents sporting wild bio-tech, and Stalin’s uncontrollable armies of twisted humanzees!

Watch for Celtic Double-Cross set in the Emerald Isle (third quarter, 2017), The Speleo-Herpetologist’s Handbook, where you’ll explore all 2,500 miles of the dead Midgard Serpent (fourth quarter, 2017), and Memphis: Gateway to the Poisoned Lands (first/second quarter, 2018).

Pledge your support for Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations, and follow Atomic Overmind Press through their website and their Facebook page to keep up on all the upcoming releases for The Day After Ragnarok!

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