Licensee Spotlight: Ne Cede Malis for Savage Worlds

Published On: June 11, 2024Categories: Crowdfunding, Licensee, News

From licensee and designer Jacob Navarro comes Ne Cede Malis for Savage Worlds, now funding on Kickstarter!

Ne Cede Malis is inspired by video games like Halo Reach, Marathon Infinity, Pathways into Darkness, and Destiny: the Taken King as well as movies like Chappie, the End of Evangelion, and the Fifth Element.

  • It’s transhumanist science fiction: Humanity encompasses four distinct species – and that’s just the stuff that’s easy to classify! Nearly everyone on the generation ship, Hymns Like Honey, is a cyborg. Form is function, bodies are expression. Become who you should be.
  • It’s science fantasy: The ship is shepherded by the Hecate, a trinary deity composed of Gorgo, Mormo, and Bombo. Maybe they’re “just” unthinkably-advanced artificial intelligences. Maybe they actually are the witchgods of myth. They go forth among humanity in biomechanical avatara.
  • It’s personal horror on a cosmic scale: Every Dreamer born on the planet Home saw their world die. Those born on the ship have survived two civil wars. The very guts of the Hymns Like Honey are procedurally-generated labyrinths, mazes that seem to change when unobserved. The gods themselves don’t understand what they are. Self and cosmos are one and the same.
  • It’s high-octane First-Person-Shooter action: Things are about to get very bad on the Hymns Like Honey, but they don’t call the heroes “troubleshooters” because they react to unspeakable revelations with quiet despair. Bring to bear dozens of kickass hexes, a tightly-curated list of FPS firearms and powered melee weapons, and a full suite of Edges (and Hindrances) to smash your enemies around, pour gas on your powers, and feel like an enhancile super-soldier.

Head over to Kickstarter now to check it all out and support Ne Cede Malis for Savage Worlds!

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