Licensee Spotlight: Neo-Tokyo from Menagerie Press

Published On: July 6, 2021Categories: Crowdfunding, Licensee, News

Now funding on Kickstarter, Neo-Tokyo 2100 is a fast-hitting cyberpunk adventure book for Savage Worlds from Ace licensee, Menagerie Press.

“When the mercenaries arrive in Neo-Tokyo 2100, they are greeted by a country determined to cling to tradition and ignore the growing urban blight. Shadowy work is available everywhere in Japan’s sprawling metropolis. The team can interact with a wide range of fixers and connections, ranging from the Triad’s Three Toes Chao and the retired Yakuza boss, Matsuo “Boss” Shige, to Genji Corporation’s co-CEOs, the mysterious brothers Yoritomo and Yoshitsune Genji.”

With full-color art by Dean Spencer, Lorenzo Tombesi, Radi Evaristus, and more, the Neo-Tokyo 2100 adventure book includes:

  • Over six major connections, each with their own subplots and story arcs!
  • A major adventure storyline with three acts and an explosive finale!
  • Nearly 20 distinct locations, each with plot hooks and story elements!
  • 12 side quests ranging from drunk sumo wrestlers to murderous cyber-psychos!
  • Details on Genji Corporation’s experimental cloning technology!

Are you ready to hit the mean streets of Neo-Tokyo? Visit the Neo-Tokyo 2100 Kickstarter to jack in and pledge your support today!

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