Licensee Spotlight: New Adventures for the City of the Steam Sun for Savage Worlds

Published On: November 2, 2021Categories: Licensee, News
Get ready for more excitement in the City of the Steam Sun for Savage Worlds with two brand-new adventures from Ace licensee, Steam Sun Games, now available through DriveThruRPG:
First up, Steam Sun Tales Vol 1. Clappers and Clangers, is a completely FREE, 10-page adventure that plunges players into the violent world of automatons and anarchists in the City of the Steam Sun:
Workers have been locked out of their steel mill jobs and are being replaced by machines. The automatons of the mysterious Dr. Campbell are being installed at night and guarded by hired legbreakers. The player characters must find their way into the mill, around the guards, and stop the machines. If the mill owners aren’t stopped, every worker will be on the streets with their starving families. A blow must be struck for the workers!

Second, in the Curious Dr. Campbell, an inexperienced Expeditionary Force squad has been given their biggest assignment—Dare the treacherous wasteland outside the city to find and rescue the brilliant scientist and technomage, Dr. Hugo Campbell:

Creator of steam-powered factory automatons, Dr. Campbell is no friend to the common worker, but he is also on the bad side of City Council. The eccentric went into self-exile in the wastelands five years ago and might not be too eager to return. Can our heroes survive hordes of Insect Men, vicious Limbo monsters, and Dr. Campbell’s servants to complete their mission?

The Curious Dr. Campbell is a detailed adventure for four to six seasoned characters who are either members of the Expeditionary Force or specialists contracted for this mission. The adventure will test their wits, their martial skills, their morality and loyalty.

Visit DriveThruRPG today to grab both of these new adventures for the City of the Steam Sun. We look forward to seeing you on the streets of Limbo soon!

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