Licensee Spotlight: New Releases from Ace GRAmel Books

Published On: May 26, 2020Categories: News

Ace licensee GRAmel Books (Beasts & BarbariansNemezis, and Tyrnador) has been extremely busy during the global lockdown, and they’ve got several new releases to prove it!

First up, 15 Barrels of Wine on the Wall is a simple one-shot adventure for their comedic, culinary fantasy setting, Béchamel, in which the heroes need to track down barrels of poisoned wine before the “Great Feast.” Fast, simple, and action packed (thanks to Quick Encounters from Savage Worlds Adventure Edition), 15 Barrels of Wine on the Wall is a delicious treat for starting Béchamel adventurers!

Michał Studniarek’s Stones of Contention is a longer, more atmospheric adventure set in Dark Ages Britannia. It is a low fantasy tale where players feel the mood of the glorious past and take care of their own Celtic tribe. It can be played over just two sessions, and comes with pre-generated characters.

And finally, their most recent one-shot adventure is for their atomic, post-pulp setting Attack of the Giant Monsters! Can your brave monster hunters, luchadores, and investigators help an atomic scientist solve… his marital problems? Find out in this all-new, hair-raising adventure… I Married a Mutated Toad!

Find these and several other licensed products for Savage Worlds from GRAmel Books over on DriveThruRPG, and be sure to follow them on Facebook.

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