Licensee Spotlight: Night of the Grizz for Savage Worlds

Published On: July 5, 2022Categories: Licensee, New Release, News

“Grizz Morgan crossed the line this time. The outlaw and his Wild Bucks waylaid the stagecoach, kidnapped the mayor’s two children, and killed the caretaker. Now, the mayor calls for a posse to find his twins and bring Grizz to justice. That means you, pard.”

Night of the Grizz from Ace licensee Dog House Rules is a convention-style Western with a weird twist. This scenario uses DHR’s Fort Griffin setting for Savage Worlds. While Night of the Grizz borrows from Fort Griffin Savaged, this scenario takes place in its own locale with its own backstory. If you are already using Fort Griffin as a setting, you can play this adventure as a one-time romp or adapt the adventure to your game.

The Judge (that’s “GM” to city slickers) gets the following in both the PDF (68 pages) and the POD (48 pages):

  • Backstory and Four Scenes – Background information for the Judge to prepare and run the adventure, with four cinematic scenes to guide the gameplay.
  • Eight character sheets – A set of Seasoned heroes for the players. Each archetype has hand-picked Hindrances to make things interesting.
  • Notes for Traditional Western version – An easy to adapt alternative scenario.
  • Stat sheets for Grizz, the Wild Bucks, and more.

The PDF version of Night of the Grizz also comes with:

  • New “print and assemble” Map Tiles for use with the final scene of the adventure—for both the Weird West scenario and the alternative Traditional Western scenario (with and without grids).
  • Final scene maps for both scenarios, in jpg versions, for use in virtual tabletop (VTT) gaming (with and without grids).
  • 68 total pages in the PDF.

The print-on-demand (POD) version of Night of the Grizz is only 48 pages and includes everything except the map and tile pages, but you get those in the full PDF, which comes free when you buy the POD version — make sure to choose to get both when you buy the POD!

Even better, you can get pre-printed map tiles for either the Weird West scenario or the Traditional Western option. These pre-printed map tiles are optional, because they all come with the Night of the Grizz PDF as detailed above.

Visit DriveThruRPG to order Night of the Grizz today and help bring Grizz Morgan to justice!

Keep an eye on the horizon for Karl Keesler and Chris Warner of Dog House Rules, they’ll be appearing on our weekly Savage Worlds Summer Showcase next Thursday, July 14th to discuss their upcoming Kickstarter for Dustbunnies!

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