Licensee Spotlight: Odysseys & Overlords Second Edition for Savage Worlds

Published On: August 15, 2023Categories: Crowdfunding, Licensee, News

Odysseys & Overlords comes to Savage Worlds in an all-new Second Edition from licensee Aegis Studios (Citizens Divided, Contagion).

“The mortal lands are divided. A dozen kingdoms lie scattered across Pangaea, separated by dangerous wilds filled with bandits and monsters. The bravest mortals act as adventurers, guiding travelers between the kingdoms, killing monsters to thin their numbers, and plundering ruins in search of the lost treasures of the golden age. This is the world of Odysseys & Overlords!”

Odysseys & Overlords Second Edition is a setting manual and core rulebook that contains new Ancestries, Domains, and Magic Items. An expanded Bestiary introduces new creatures and provides guidelines on adapting existing creatures from Savage Worlds Adventure Edition and the all-new Fantasy Companion for use in the setting. Finally, the core rulebook offers a starter adventure so you and your group can dive right into the action and begin telling your tales in the world of Odysseys & Overlords.

Visit the Odysseys & Overlords Second Edition Kickstarter pre-launch page right now and drop your email address to be notified the moment the campaign launches!

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