Licensee Spotlight: Pulp Fantastic on Kickstarter

Published On: July 30, 2019Categories: News

Welcome to the age of the Pulps, where two-fisted action heroes and secret societies battle for control of the destiny of mankind!

ENnie Award-winning publisher and Ace licensee, Battlefield Press International (Robotech Macross, The Dinosaur Protocol) now presents to you the latest in hardcore, Noir roleplaying. Presenting for your approval, Pulp Fantastic!

Powered by Savage Worlds Adventurer Edition, Pulp Fantastic contains everything you need to create your own high-octane pulp adventures featuring masked avengers, mad scientists, gritty gumshoes, or any other kind of pulp hero you can imagine. Included are a gazetteer and timeline of the Pulp Era, rules for creating vile villains and strange inventions, and a bestiary of monstrous creatures!

Visit the Pulp Fantastic Kickstarter page to check out the Stretch Goals, Add-Ons, and to pledge your support today! And be sure to follow Battlefield Press on Facebook for all the latest news about Pulp Fantastic and their other Savage Worlds products.

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