Licensee Spotlight: SAINTs and Synners Jumpstart for Savage Worlds

Published On: August 22, 2023Categories: Licensee, New Release, News

Ace licensee Star Anvil Studios (Knights Arcanum) has just released the Jumpstart for their latest setting for Savage WorldsSAINTs and Synners.

“In the aftermath of the Armageddon War, the Sector Agent INtragalactic Taskforce (SAINT) seeks to keep civilization together and oppose the machinations of the Syndicate. It does this by using Synners, convicts outfitted with a Neural Inhibitor Control unit, to ensure they keep up with their early release protocols.”

This 36-page PDF Jumpstart contains seven pre-generated, ready-to-play heroes, a gazetteer of the galaxy, and a 12-page adventure:

In Mission Alpha, the SAINTs are tasked with rescuing an important member of the Navigator’s Guild, held hostage by the syndicates intending to sell his information to the highest bidder. The heroes must find out where the hostage is being held and get him out of syndicate hands before the auction takes place, but it won’t be easy as syndicate enforcers and murderous gangs roam the streets, alert for any sign of opposition. It will take guts, skill, and no small amount of luck to pull the hostage out and survive. The syndicate, after all, have some significant firepower ready to defend their prize…

Pick up the SAINTs and Synners Jumpstart for Savage Worlds from DriveThruRPG today!

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