Licensee Spotlight: Savage Characters Volume One from Dragonlaird Gaming

Published On: August 10, 2021Categories: Licensee, New Release, News

Savage Worlds licensee Dragonlaird Gaming (The Art of Negotiation) is proud to announce that Savage Characters Volume One has finally arrived in the SWADE era!

It’s been a couple years, but now all 20 characters (with full art, stats, descriptions, and adventure hooks) across four settings (fantasy, space opera, haunted west, and modern horror) have been updated for use with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition along with all relevant setting rules for each.

Owners of the previous version should have already received the conversion document, while all-new purchasers get it along with the original book. Savage Characters Volume One is available now through DriveThruRPG in both PDF and POD.

If you want to take a sneak peek at one of the characters from the new 156-page volume, pick up Rodrigo Sabinus as a Pay What You Want offer to check out the detail, quality, and creativity of these characters and see how they can be used as allies, enemies, or even pregenerated player characters in your own campaigns!

There’s lots more on the way from Dragonlaird Gaming, so keep an eye on their website and watch for future releases coming soon through DriveThruRPG.

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