Licensee Spotlight: Secret Agents of CROSS SWADE Edition

Published On: October 1, 2019Categories: News

Fully updated for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, Secret Agents of CROSS from licensee Blessed Machine, is now available in both digital and print from DriveThruRPG. This revised edition also adds a complete, four-page index and includes all of the Explorer Edition errata items, fully-updated for #SWADE.

In this setting, players take on the roles of agents employed by the Catholic Response Organization to Strategize and Strike, a clandestine agency created by rogue Cardinal James McDonnell to take the Pope’s prayers and convert them into actions. He and his command staff create missions to protect the flock from evil using cutting-edge technology coupled with saintly magic honed over 2000 years of history.

This 182-page book includes:
• A detailed history of the creation of CROSS and the entire command staff.
• Roles for players to choose from to promote CROSS’s setting feel. Optional rules to expand, create, or change Roles.
• New Edges and Hindrances.
• Unique weapons created by the engineers of CROSS.
• A primer on how to be a secret agent of CROSS including the Holy Statutes of CROSS, Catholic and spy jargon, and a prayer generator for performing miracles.
• A Secret Agents of CROSS character sheet.

Visit DriveThruRPG and become a Secret Agent of CROSS today. The whole world is counting on you!

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