Licensee Spotlight: Sharkano! from Dog House Rules

Published On: February 8, 2022Categories: Licensee, New Release, News

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the game table… Ace licensee Dog House Rules returns with Sharkano! for Trailer Park Shark Attack!

This time around, the trailer park is flooded with super-heated water and Lava Sharks. Just like other scenarios for Trailer Park Shark Attack!, start off the adventure by picking a character at random. If you become fish food during the game, pick yourself another ‘Parker and keep on playing.

TPSA! is a disaster shark adventure designed for use with Savage Worlds. And yes, you need TPSA to play Sharkano!

In this fast, furious, and fun adventure, you determine which scenes and dilemmas to use in a hot-water-filled trailer park near an erupting volcano under a caldera lake. Like the original TPSA scenarios, Sharkano! uses a three-act structure with variable scenes. Plus, Sharkano! has its own plot line and new monster sharks.

The 89-page PDF version of Sharkano! comes with the following:

🦈 Description of the Sharkano! scenario, along with seven new incidents the GM can choose from to use during the game, and a recommended final, climactic scene.

🦈 Map pages to print and assemble into the 18″ x 24″ map for the final scene.

🦈 New Setting Rules and Tips and Tricks For Running TPSA!

🦈 Character Cards for four new ‘Parkers designed for this scenario.

🦈 Stat Cards for new sharks, nonplayers, and vehicles (and printable paper minis for the sharks).

🦈 New printable Map Tiles with vehicles and terrain designed for use with the existing TPSA flood water map as well as Sharkano’s final scene map.

🦈 JPG and PNG maps for use in virtual tabletop (VTT) gaming.

The PDF of Sharkano! is just $6.95 USD, but if you order the print-on-demand version, you get the PDF for FREE! And expand your Sharkano! experience with a set of 11, full-color, double-sided Sharkano! Map Tiles for only $13.95 USD.

Plus, throughout the month of February (aka “Shark Month”), get 25% off the original TPSA! as well as ‘Parker Pack #1, #2, and #3.

Get ’em while they’re… HOT!!!

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