Licensee Spotlight: Soul from OldCowboyGames

Published On: August 18, 2020Categories: News

Now on Kickstarter, licensee OldCowboyGames presents SOUL — an epic, science-fantasy setting for Savage Worlds, set in the far future.

It is the year 9135 and humans lay claim to hundreds of thousands of worlds in the Milky Way, but humanity is not united. Three significant factions wrestle for power and territory while hundreds of minor factions fight for the scraps.

And what are they fighting for? Shade.

Shade is a multidimensional particle used for hyperspace travel and powerful magical incantations. Shade or “soul dust” is used as currency throughout the galaxy.​ ​To the average citizen, shade funds their way of life and is a means of freedom. To factions, shade is power, plain and simple.​ This stuff moves armies!

With your generous support, the SOUL core book will feature rules for hyperspace travel and ship-to-ship combat, new alien races, new Edges and Hindrances, a full complement of new weapons, gear, armor, and ships, tables for adventure building and random encounters on land and in space, and a galactic setting featuring a dozen planets, and detailed information about the major and minor factions.

Download the FREE 40-page test drive rules available through DriveThruRPG and visit the SOUL Kickstarter page to pledge your support today!

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