Licensee Spotlight: Sovereign Stone for Savage Worlds on Kickstarter

Published On: May 22, 2018Categories: News

Years in the making, Larry Elmore’s rich and popular fantasy setting, the Sovereign Stone, is getting the Savage Worlds treatment from licensee Applied Vectors Ltd (Sector Asgard Kappa), and you have until June 1st to back this project on Kickstarter.

Created by renowned fantasy artist Larry Elmore, with additional development by New York Times best-selling authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman of Dragonlance fame, Loerem is a world of beauty and enchantment. Through Elmore’s vivid visual renditions of unique personalities, clashing nations, fantastical creatures, and enchanting landscapes alongside a saga weaved by Weis & Hickman, the culmination chronicled the mortals’ struggle to master the unfathomable power of the Sovereign Stone given them from the gods — an artifact forged for peace among races but which ignited war between brothers.

This Kickstarter for Sovereign Stone concludes June 1st, so pledge your support today!

Sovereign Stone requires a copy of Savage Worlds to play. In addition, you may find the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion a useful resource, as well.

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