Licensee Spotlight: Stingers & Spores for Savage Worlds from Twitchy Butcher Studios

Published On: August 24, 2021Categories: Crowdfunding, Licensee, News

What’s the buzz?

Stingers & Spores, an epic insect fantasy setting for Savage Worlds by Ace licensee Twitchy Butcher Studios, has just launched on Kickstarter!

“Go on exciting and perilous romps through the Insect Kingdoms, a harsh land filled with tiny, six-legged denizens, exotic cultures beneath every log, and death around every corner. Insects have inherited the Earth and forged magnificent civilizations in the grass, under rocks, and in rotting logs. The Arthrogods, the ancient gods of the bug world, have reawakened after millions of years of slumber. Their return brought magic back to the Insect Kingdoms.”

This Kickstarter campaign contains everything needed to begin epic adventures in the Insect Kingdoms, including:

  • All original artwork
  • In-depth character creation mechanics for any insect character concept
  • 14 new character races with nearly infinite possibilities for customization: if it’s an insect, you can play it!
  • Dozens of new Edges, Hindrances, Arcane Backgrounds, and gear
  • Setting Rules for bug life, including Battle Swarm and Flight Mechanics, along with optional “Saturday Morning Cartoon” rules
  • A GMs Guide with over 100 allies, enemies, and vicious monsters
  • A gazetteer for the desert kingdom of Riparia, along with maps and Savage Tales for hours of adventure!

Hop, fly, flutter, or crawl over to the Stingers & Spores Kickstarter campaign right now to check out sneak peeks of art, archetypes, and Arcane Backgrounds, review the many exciting Stretch Goals, and pledge your support for the Insect Kingdoms today!

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